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What are patrons?

Patrons (beneficiaries, contributors) are persons who give financial or other support to a person, organization, or cause.

What is the recommendation submission procedure when applying for UL Foundation patrons scholarships?

The recommendation submission procedure states that the applicant's Secondary school teachers, directors or other representatives of the organizations he or she had got involved during studies in Secondary school send their recommendations via their personal e-mail. Files have to be in .doc or .pdf format. Recommendations have to be sent via the senders e-mail, by attaching the recommendation to the e-mail, to UL Foundation e-mail until the 12th of November, 23:59.

What average grade has to be put on the application form when applying for the scholarship?

First year students put down Class 12 grade report.

Can I receive both - the Government’s and UL Foundation’s administrated scholarship at the same time?

Yes, you can receive a scholarship administered by the Government and the UL Foundation at the same time.

Can I qualify for a scholarship if I am planning to participate in an ERASMUS program?

Yes, you can apply for a scholarship whilst taking part in an ERASMUS program and receive a scholarship, provided that you continue your studies at the UV.

What format should my CV be attached to the application form?

CV must be completed in English in accordance with EUROPASS guidelines.

Is the open essay on the subject “Which patron of the University of Vilnius would I most aspire to be like and why?” a mandatory requirement for all applicants for scholarships?

Yes, in order to promote the interest of the patrons of the University, during the application process, the applicant must attach an open essay (up to 2 000 characters) to the application for the topic “Which patron of the University of Vilnius would I most aspire to be alike and why?”