Laura Pučeta receives UL Foundation’s administered stipend to students of UL doctoral studies in natural sciences, medicine and life sciences. Laura studies in UL Medicine faculty’s doctoral study programme “Medicine and Pharmacy”. 

The student’s dissertation topic is about the clinical course of patients with sepsis and septic shock and the late results of treatment. Sepsis and septic shock are life threatening syndromes that are caused by disturbances in the immune system’s activity regulation while fighting infection. As a result, insufficiency of the organ system develops and that’s why hospitalization in intensive care units is often necessary. One of the main tasks is to research long-term complications, which are important for health and quality of life of patients who have survived sepsis and septic shock, as well as in relation to organizational aspects of further required healthcare. 

The study is currently in the data collection and compilation stage, after which the clinical picture in the hospital stage, received treatment and its compatibility, as well as the outcome of the hospital episode will be analysed. The received results will have to be prepared for reporting and publication, and meanwhile planning for the next stage of the study takes place. The second phase of the study will include an analysis of treatment’s late results and further healthcare of patients with sepsis and septic shock. What happens to these patients in the year after leaving the hospital will be explored, and the role of clinical course in late complications will be assessed. 

Laura says: “Doctoral studies have been happening through distance learning for a long time now, and it seems that we all - both students and teaching staff - have adapted to the current situation, as well as mastered the necessary digital solutions. However, I’m not the only one who keeps reflecting on what presence (and being present) in space-time-person means to all of us. I have to add that, compared to other study programmes, the advantage of doctoral study programme students in distance learning context is the high amount of independent work. In addition to doctoral studies and research, of course, I am continuing clinical work in the hospital.” 

“I would like to thank patrons and UL Foundation for their given support to students and researchers and wish everyone a sharp mind, lively spirit and strength to continue protecting humanity during this difficult pandemic,” the stipend recipient wishes. 


About UL Foundation 

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