Betty and Andris Ramāni, 2015.


The University of Latvia Foundation is the conduit whereby the patrons from Latvia and the whole world, including the United States, make a significant contribution to the growth of the University of Latvia students, thus opening new opportunities and horizons. For years, Californians Betty and Andris Ramāns have made a great contribution, thus showing that a consistent value system is based on the mutual support of fellow human beings, both near and far.

Patrons Betty and Andris Ramāns (1936) live in Northern California, USA. Andris Ramāns was born in Riga, Latvia, however, in early childhood along with his family left Latvia as refugees. In 1951 he entered the state of California, where he graduated from high school and the University of California, Berkeley. During his studies, he received a scholarship. His career was dedicated to the rapidly growing semiconductor industry – for more than 40 years until his retirement he worked in Silicon Valley companies in the production of both microchips and silicon raw materials. In parallel with his work, he has been active in American Latvian society both by volunteering and donating to various cultural and educational projects.

To assist and surmount challenges 

The active and enthusiastic compatriot A. Ramāns has been a member of the board of the University of Latvia Foundation's partner organization “Friends of the University of Latvia” since its establishment in 2012, and in 2013–2019 has served as the head of the branches and vice-chairman of the board of the American Latvian Association (ALA). The patron admits that “the fate has been favourable and the achieved level enables helping others”.

The Ramāns Family Scholarship for special education teachers was established in 2015 in cooperation with the administrative support of the Friends of the University of Latvia and the University of Latvia Foundation. To date, the scholarship has been awarded to six altruistic students mastering the study programme “Teacher” at the University of Latvia Faculty of Pedagogy, Psychology and Art: Liāna Jurēvica and Laila Skarpa, Ilze Liepa and Līga Eidone, Laura Ilze Rode and Liene Ekša. “When I started my studies, I dreamed that one day I would become a professional in my field – an independent, knowledgeable teacher, an example to my students and colleagues. Therefore, when applying for the scholarship, I did not expect to get it at all, it was a big surprise,” says Laura Ilze Rode, the winner of the Ramāns Family Scholarship in academic year 2019/2020.

“Life is full of challenges – especially for those with physical or mental disabilities. From personal experience we can say that the influence of specially educated teachers on their growth is irreplaceable,” the patrons explain their motivation to donate to the scholarship.

Scholarship that has fulfilled a dream

Laura I. Rode helps her fellow human beings to fully integrate into society. Her goal is to assist others, especially children with disabilities, to develop, prosper and grow. The scholarship holder describes how much the support of the Ramāns family has helped her: “This scholarship has allowed me to take a step closer to fulfilling my dream. It has given me satisfaction with everything that has already been achieved and confirmed appreciation by those around me, and this has served as an incentive to continue the things that have been started and to seek new ideas. It should also be mentioned that the scholarship covered part of the tuition fee, provided additional funds for the purchase of study literature, educational materials, collections, which expanded my knowledge, broadened my outlook, introduced to new methods and improved the lessons and classes I am teaching. I would like to express my utmost gratitude to the patrons for their faith in me, my strength, and the motivation they have given me to believe in myself, to continue advancing toward my goals, never to give up at the first difficulties and to do good deeds both in professional and daily life.

About the University of Latvia Foundation

Since 2004, the UL Foundation provides an opportunity to patrons and cooperation partners to support both the University of Latvia and other leading higher education institutions of our country, thereby investing in the future of Latvia. The priorities of the UL Foundation are to support the most outstanding, dedicated students and researchers, to advance creation of a modern study environment, as well as to promote construction and refurbishment of university’s buildings.

About “Friends of the University of Latvia”

Since 2012, the non-profit organization “Friends of the University of Latvia” has been uniting American citizens of Latvian origin – supporters of the University of Latvia. It is the partner organization of the UL Foundation, founded by the initiative of John J. Medveckis. By donating to this Foundation, US citizens can receive tax deduction. The main task of the foundation is to ensure a brighter future for Latvian education.