Jelgava Regional Community lies in the central part of Latvia, in the middle of Zemgale, bordering on the City of Jelgava and the parishes of Tērvete, Dobele, Tukums, Babīte, Olaine, Ozolnieki, Rundāle and Šiauliai Region of the Republic of Lithuania. The regional community covers the area of 1317 km2. In its current administrative territory, Jelgava Regional Community was established in 2009, within the framework of the territorial reform. Earlier, since 1967, the territory of Jelgava Region, together with Ozolnieki Region, had been governed by Jelgava District.

Jelgava Regional Community is one of the rare local governments whose administrative centre is situated in a city – Jelgava – although the city council is a separate administrative unit. The administrative centre has been preserved since the existence of the historic Jelgava district.

Jelgava Region consists of 13 parishes: Eleja, Glūda, Jaunsvirlauka, Kalnciems, Lielplatone, Līvbērze, Platone, Sesava, Svēte, Valgunde, Vilce, Vircava and Zaļenieki parish. Each parish is divided into rural territories and villages.

Across the region there flows the Lielupe, the second Latvian river richest in water, as well as numerous small rivers – the Sesava, the Vircava, the Platone, the Svēte etc. The largest areas covered with water are in Kalnciems parish. The river inlets and meadows are the habitat of rare plants, birds and animals, a sure sign of clean environment. The region is the home of white and even black storks.

The eventful history of Jelgava Region, its rich material and spiritual heritage is manifested in several hundreds of cultural monuments of national and local significance – architectural, archaeological, artistic and historical. Many outstanding personalities from the fields of science, politics, literature, art and culture have been born and worked in Jelgava Region. 


In 2012, the Local Government of Jelgava Regional Community donated EUR 4 268.62 with the view to render financial support to the youth of Jelgava Region for the studies in any higher education establishments of Latvia in the 2012/2013 academic year. The scholarships were granted to three students: Anna Katrīna Markule (EUR 1 422.87), Inta Nasira (EUR 1 422.87), Dāvis Beitlers (EUR 1 422.87).

We greatly appreciate the generous support to education and development!