Father of the philantrophist John Golde – Tenis Golde (1907–1952);

The grandather of the philantrophist John Golde – Tenis Golde (1869–1949).

John Golde (1931) was born in Latvia. J. Golde's grandfather and father both graduated from the University of Latvia, Faculty of Law. After deportation of relatives to Siberia by the occupation powers, he went into exile to the United States, where he studied marketing and project management. Currently works as an Internet project consultant, marketing and sales specialist. Author of two books.

The patron supports the University of Latvia in memory of his grandfather, 1931 graduate of the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia, Tenis Golde (1869–1949), who until his deportation to Siberia in 1949 worked as a lawyer in Riga and Rūjiena, as well as to commemorate his father, Tenis Golde (1907–1952).


In 2013, the generous donations enabled the University of Latvia Faculty of Law to succeed in implementing a number of long-cherished ideas, including one of the most financially extensive projects in its history – establishing and equipping a modern conference hall with permanent translation booths and further equipment. This was made possible by investing significant own funds and the grant of USD 5 000 from the patron.

The second donation in the same year, also amounting to USD 5 000, was used to purchase a professional camcorder and sound system to make the UL Faculty of Law conferences, seminars, moot courts and many more events available to those who would not be able to be present in person. The new technical capabilities enable high-definition video recording of various events, as well as live streaming on the Internet.

In 2015, the patron granted EUR 4 032.26 (USD 5 000) to the American Law Summer School, organized by the University of Latvia Faculty of Law. In the same year, John Golde also supported the UL Student Business Incubator by donating further EUR 4 032.26 (USD 5 000) to the UL Business Idea Foundation.

In 2017, John Golde continued to support the Business Idea Foundation by donating EUR 8 658 (USD 10 000).

We greatly appreciate the generous support to education and development!