Maria Wasna, Professor of Psychology, Honorary Doctor of the University of Latvia (19302019), contributed to the budding culture of philanthropy in Latvia after the restoration of independence.

Prof. Wasna was the Rector of the University of Munster (1990–1994). During that period, jointly with Munster Baltic Support Society (Germany), cooperation with the Baltic universities, including the University of Latvia, was expanded. M. Wasna established Munster University Prize for the University of Latvia students and academic staff. The purpose of the prize was to raise the prestige of students’ scientific work, to facilitate scientific cooperation between the universities, scientific institutions and researchers of Germany and to promote the research of the historic, cultural and linguistic ties between Germany and Latvia.


In 1993, scholarships were established for those students and researchers of the University of Latvia whose scientific interests were connected with the history, culture and linguistics of Germany and Latvia. In the later years, Munster University Prize was awarded for excellently defended Masters’ theses and graduate papers in the 2nd level professional studies, social sciences and medical studies as well as for Doctors’ theses defended by the staff of the University of Latvia. 

We greatly appreciate the generous support to education and development!

Patrons and laureates of Munster University Prize