TelCom (2007) is a company providing complex IT services to a wide range of clients in Latvia and the Baltic countries, including consultations, supplies of hardware and software, servers, disk arrays and archiving equipment. It has a long-term colaboration with the leading manufacturers of hardware, software and servers.


TelCom for many years has supported the basketball club "The University of Latvia".

In 2019, the company donated EUR 3 500.
In 2017, the company donated EUR 3 000.
In 2016, the company donated EUR 9 000.
In 2015, the company donated EUR 11 400.
In 2014, the company donated EUR 10 000.
In 2013, the company donated EUR 7 114.36. 
In 2012, the company donated EUR 1 422.
In 2011, the company donated EUR 2 845.74.

We greatly appreciate the generous support to education and development!