The patroness Anna Justīne Čakste-Rollins (1936) was born in Riga. Her grandfather is the first president of the Republic of Latvia Jānis Čakste, the father Konstantīns is a professor at the University of Latvia Faculty of Law. In 1944, together with her mother and sister, Anna Justīne fled to Sweden, and later to the United States, where she resides today. The patroness has been awarded the status of an honorary member of the University of Latvia.

"I am particularly gratified to help people to obtain higher education – they are the future of our country. An educated society and enlightened citizens will be able to bring Latvia’s name in the world, creating a brighter future. Education and determination are a way to overcome poverty and deprivation. That’s how it was in the past, that’s how it is today, and that’s how it will remain in the future," these are the words of the patroness Anna J. Čakste-Rollins spoken to the scholars.

Since 1992, in co-operation with the Latvian Red Cross, she has carried out a charity mission, managing Kāvusis Foundation of Education and Culture established by Jānis and Millija Kāvusis, Latvians living in Southern California. The aim of the foundation is to support Latvian families with numerous talented children, where each family member is diligent and committed to work, their native region and aspires to obtain education.

The roots of Jānis and Millija Kāvusis can be found in Zemgale. At the end of the World War II, they left Latvia and worked in the United States. The Kāvusis family had no offspring, and thus their lifetime goal was to gift their life savings that were acquired in modest living for a charitable cause – support of large families in Latvia in order to promote youth studies.

While heading Kāvusis Foundation of Education and Culture, A. Čakste-Rollins selected the young people who faced challenges in obtaining higher education, while their goal of life was the aspiration to study.

A. Čakste-Rollins had a particular concern about low-income University of Latvia students and those facing difficulties, because her family's memories are tightly linked with the University of Latvia: her grandfather Jānis Čakste at one time gave lectures to the University of Latvia students; her father Konstantīns Čakste was a popular professor at the University of Latvia; Millija Kāvušs studied philology at the University of Latvia, acquired education side by side with Konstantīns Čakste and was a close acquaintance of this prominent personality. In the 1920s, all these people knew how decisive education was for the future of Latvia.


In 1999, A. Čakste-Rollins supported the events held in honour of the 80th anniversary year of the University of Latvia.

In 2005, at establishment of the scholarship programme Ceļamaize ("Bread for the Journey"), A. Čakste-Rollins was among the first to join the supporters of the programme. 

Since 2011, 10% of the revenue brought by sales of Konstantīns Čakste's work Civiltiesības ("Civil Law") goes to students of the University of Latvia Faculty of Law and other activities. Until 1 November 2014, this gift amounted to EUR 1 002.86. The donation enabled installation of a modern speaker system was installed in the auditoriums of the University of Latvia Faculty of Law in 2014.

In the 2011/2012 academic year, as well as 2012/2013 and 2013/2014, the patroness ensured support to the scholarship programme "Ceļamaize"("Bread for the Journey"), in the amount of EUR 3 770 annually.

In 2014, the patroness supported the restoration of the organ at the University of Latvia Great Hall, donating EUR 6 610 for the purpose, as well as continued to donate to the scholarship programme "Ceļamaize" ("Bread for the Journey") giving EUR 2 200 for scholarships.

In 2015, the patroness continued her support to the scholarship programme "Ceļamaize" ("Bread for the Journey") by donating EUR 3 320 (USD 3 850) for this purpose.

In 2016, the patroness donated EUR 3 020 (USD 3 500) to the scholarship programme "Ceļamaize" ("Bread for the Journey").

We greatly appreciate the generous support to education and development!

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