The patron, Dr. theol. Modris Kārlis Gulbis (1927–2002) was born in Tērvete civil parish. He graduated from the Faculty of Theology of the University of Latvia and worked as a lecturer at the faculty. In 1944, as a refugee, he went to Germany and later moved to the USA, where he continued his studies and obtained a PhD in theology. M. K. Gulbis has served in several Lutheran churches and been a pastor of US Twin Cities Christ Parish.

The memorial scholarship was established with the aim to support gifted and diligent students of UL Faculty of Theology who wish to devote their lives to service in the Latvian Lutheran congregations in Latvia and abroad.

In 2014, UL Foundation received a legacy of USD 85 000 from Modris K. Gulbis Memorial Foundation, which is the source of the scholarships for aspiring students.


The scholarships have been announced since 2006. Every year, one student of the UL Faculty of Theology receives the scholarship.