The patron Pēteris A. Alunāns (1947) was born in a Latvian refugee camp in Bad Rehburg, Germany. In 1950, the Alunāns family entered the United States. There, P. A. Alunāns obtained a master's degree in biology and German philology, became engaged in professional photography, and actively participated in American Latvian public life.

In 2001, in honour of the memory of his father Aleksandrs and implementing his idea, Pēteris and his son established the Alunāns Family Scholarship to support those whose lives are the hardest – orphans and those without parental support, and who have decided to study, surmounting difficulties.

Pēteris A. Alunāns with a great interest listens to the intentions and directions of activities of students and young specialists with a true delight in their achievements and successes.


Five students have graduated from the University of Latvia under the patronage of Pēteris Alunāns: Elita Lecko from Riga, Zane Ābele from Cēsis, Jekaterina Tumaševiča and Kristīne Borodecka (Kuriloviča) from Riga, Arita Vaivare from Izvalta.

In the 2018/2019 academic year – Deimantė Aniūkštytė (Vilnius University).

In the 2017/2018 academic year, the Alunāns Family Scholarships were awarded to Arta Paula Nuķe, Zane Anaite.

In 2019, the patron donated EUR 12 118.86 to the University of Latvia Foundation.

We greatly appreciate the generous support to education and development!