In this academic year University of Latvia (UL) for the first time has enrolled students into the “Epidemiology and Medical Statistics” masters study program, and patron SIA “Biosan” has given a generous support to further studies and research work of these future professionals who are urgently needed in Latvia. To find out why the company has chosen to support the road to excellence of students of the new program, we spoke with SIA “Biosan” product group manager Andrejs Gaivoronskis.

“By supporting UL’s new scientists, we help to rise the quality of higher education with the goal of equalizing the level of education with the world’s leading universities,” “Biosan” Chairman of the Board Vasīlijs Bankovskis explains his motivation to donate to higher education.

What motivated your company to become a patron of the University of Latvia Foundation?

We have been collaborating with the foundation ever since its beginning. We believe that the more educated the country, the more competitive it is on a global scale. “Biosan” supports projects of new scientists because we can evaluate a specific project’s performance and usefulness in perspective.

Why did you grant stipend exactly to this new program - “Epidemiology and Medical Statistics”?

As it seems, the determining factor was the need for strong specialists who in crisis situations like these can make decisions that are adequate and work long-term based on the “big data”.

What do you expect from students and study program?

The ability to justify the expectations placed on them and the ability to be pragmatic and provident in a crisis situation. Of course, we would be happy if, after finishing their studies, specialists would work and give their knowledge in government structures. However, we understand that to attract strong specialists, the government has to change as well - it has to be motivating for workers, as well as open to new and modern knowledge.

What has been your experience so far with giving support to students and involvement in scientific projects?

We have created a cooperation with Latvia’s universities in innovative areas, including University of Latvia. As part of projects of universities and private partnerships, science transfer is cultivated - new technologies are made as a result of projects, which are then used in science and medicine in the domestic market.

As a representative of an innovative technology company, what are the biggest challenges related to science and research that you see?

The ability to maintain stable quality of the manufactured products long-term. And over the years “Biosan” regularly proves it.

Is there an intention to continue supporting students of University of Latvia?

Of course, we will continue to try to support new talent as much as possible.

If and why would you recommend becoming a University of Latvia patron to other businessmen?

Patron - that sounds exclusive. We just help. Help is just as necessary as leisure. Without it, we can’t be human.


About “Biosan” company

Company “Biosan” mainly deals with production of laboratory sample preparation equipment. Our technologies make laboratory work easier and reduce the impact of the human factor. Wherever it’s necessary to shake and mix, heat and cool, centrifuge and sediment, separate and ligate, our equipment can be used. We are a full-cycle company - everything is our own work, from the idea to mass production. More:

About UL Foundation

Ever since 2004 University of Latvia Foundation has given an opportunity to patrons and cooperation partners to support both UL and other Latvia’s leading higher education institutions, thus investing in the future of Latvia. UL Foundation’s priorities are supporting excelling students and researchers, cultivating the creation of a modern study environment, as well as construction and reconstruction of university buildings.



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