At the initiative of the UL Foundation, at the end of 2017, the University of Latvia introduced the first online donation facility or donation kiosk among the universities of Baltic region. This is an opportunity to make a donation by paying with a bank card.

Initially, the kiosk was located in the UL central building, Raiņa bulvāris, and with the establishment of the new Academic Centre, it was transferred to Torņakalns – the House of Science.

Līva Kukle, graduate of the UL Faculty of Humanities, multiple Kristaps Morbergs Scholarship holder, helped to coin the Latvian term for the donation kiosk – ziedotne. In her words, "The country must have a university, and it must be constantly improving. Donation to the university is a long-term solution for the country as a whole."

"As the family of the University of Latvia Foundation presented its alma mater with the donation kiosk, it aimed even higher. Working together, we need to make the new facility a donation totem pole for each of the approximately 250 000 University of Latvia graduates – a site where they can stop for a minute and perform a simple ritual at least once a year. This ritual of donation is dedicated to raising one's self-confidence and ensuring the development of Latvia. Simple calculations show: if each of the University of Latvia alumni, who have graduated in recent years, would donate only 0.15% of their annual income, the House of Letters, the home of humanities in the UL Academic Centre in Torņakalns would be completed in less than two years," emphasizes the UL Foundation’s Chairman of the Board Ivars Lācis.