Collection of scientific articles "Perpetuum Mobile"

For a centenary, patrons and benefactors have shown that generosity enhances achievement. "Perpetuum Mobile" is a collection of scientific articles authored by researchers who have received the support of by the University of Latvia Foundation patrons. This volume emphasizes and summarizes the most current achievements of researchers supported by the University of Latvia Foundation and patrons. Furthermore, the collection highlights all the recent scholarship recipients and serves as a bright beacon for new achievements.

"We have pooled our enthusiasm, talents and perseverance to create this academic Olympus and will continue to raise it, increasing excellence in science both at the University of Latvia and in our country as a whole," pledges Executive Director of the University of Latvia Foundation Laila Kundziņa. She encourages all the members of the University of Latvia family to extend their benefaction to their university: "Dear graduates, continue to support your alma mater, your University of Latvia in the future – give your experience, donate, contribute your knowledge! We wish you a successful road to achievements! The University of Latvia unites us today and tomorrow!"

2019 (LV version)