University of Latvia Foundation

Pride in excellence!

Since 2004, the University of Latvia Foundation provides the opportunity for donors and partners to support both the University of Latvia and other leading higher education institutions of our country, thus investing in the future of Latvia.

Directions and priorities:

  • Student scholarships;
  • Research and study environment development projects;
  • Infrastructure improvement projects.

The University of Latvia Foundation is a respected philanthropic organization that caters for outstanding, dedicated students, including those with inadequate financial resources. The foundation in close partnership with donors and partners supports graduate students, PhD students, educators, scientists and excellent specialists working in education, science, sports and culture.

Every talented, inquisitive individual, directly linked to education, science and culture in Latvia, irrespective of his or her social or material status, has the opportunity to obtain internationally recognized higher education and to carry out projects which create new intellectual values that can be applied in advancing scientific, social and economic development.

As we are one of the oldest philanthropic organizations in the Republic of Latvia, our mission is to foster the idea of philanthropy and traditions of giving by bringing education closer to the knowledge-intensive society in Latvia.

Altruistic support of excellence.

To support outstanding, diligent individuals with inadequate financial means, who are directly involved in education, science and culture – the guarantors of Latvia's future development and growth – on their way to comprehensive higher education.

Excellence. Reliability and honour. Succession and tradition.