Important Concepts and Facts

University of Latvia Foundation – a reliable safeguard of philanthropic ideas and culture

Philanthropy – altruistic, unselfish financial, material and informational support of education, science, art, sport and culture. The concept of philanthropy comes from the Greek philein ton anthropon, which means to love a human being.

Donor of the UL Foundation – a selfless supporter of education, science, art, sport and culture, who provides financial, material or informational support.

The noble donors – Kristaps Morbergs, Kurt Hagen, Roberts Hiršs, Minna Matilde Vilhelmīne Petkevičs, Kārlis Karps, Jānis Dāvis, Nippon Foundation, IBM, Eduards Zariņš, Irma and Jānis Eglītis, Andrejs Jurgens, "Mikrotīkls", Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation.

The scholarship endowment consists of the interest brought by 5 000 000 USD acquired through sale of pre-emptive rights in 2001, as well as the support of donors from around the world who recognize and value the importance of education as a guarantor of human development and prosperity.