Scholarships for students of higher education institutions accredited in Republic of Latvia in the 2020/2021 academic year.

In cooperation with the patrons of the University of Latvia, the University of Latvia Foundation administers scholarships available to students of several higher education institutions of Latvia.

Submit your application, if

  • you are diligent, dedicated learner and are active in public life;
  • your weighted average grade is above 7.5.

Documents required for scholarship application:

  • completed electronic scholarship application form;
  • two letters of recommendation from the director of applicant’s secondary education institution, a teacher, the head of an out-of-school and/or interest education institution, a lecturer or another person who has worked closely with the applicant on projects, etc.;
  • CV or Curriculum Vitae (in Europass format);
  • a free-format essay in about applicant’s favourite patron (up to 6000 characters with spaces);
  • other documents – see the list included in the scholarship application form.

For students of Riga Technical University (RTU)

For the students of undergraduate study programmes at the RTU, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Transport and Aeronautics

For students of Riga Stradiņš University (RSU)

For students of the master's study programme "Nursing" at the RSU, Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare

For students of all the higher education institutions in Latvia

Scholarships of local municipalities

For the first-year students of undergraduate study programmes:

For students of communication sciences

For undergraduate students, starting from the second year of studies, specialising in journalism or multimedia production: