Photo: Toms Grīnbergs.

On June 7, 19 Raiņa Boulevard, the new equipment for people with reduced mobility was opened, which is intended for more convenient access to the University of Latvia (UL). A button is installed, at the push of which an employee will come out to let in and take people with reduced mobility  to rooms that do not require lifts. This equipment was possible thanks to the patron Māris Ozoliņš, who donated the entire amount so that it could be introduced. The donation was administered by the UL Foundation.

Marģers Počs, Director of the Infrastructure Department of the University of Latvia, says: “The University of Latvia is open to everyone and every student is valuable to us. To support such students, we try to organize access and maximum comfort for people with disabilities. Newly built buildings in Torņakalns provide the highest requirements for people with disabilities, in old faculty buildings this is a challenge, as they are cultural monuments (major reconstructions are often not possible), room layout and stair constructions often do not allow full access to all rooms. The provision of access for such disabled persons is also determined by the recommendations of the Ombudsman and the Ministry of Welfare. ”

Donor Māris Ozoliņš explains why he donated for  the entrance of the disabled: “Basically, money fell from the air for me, it was a bonus from the University of Latvia, which I received, in the end I added only 1 EUR from myself. The fact that I was disabled myself seemed to have helped me. This money came unexpectedly, then it had to be returned. When I needed to go from one floor to another in university, it was cumbersome. It is important that everyone feels a sense of belonging, that they are able to move and get anywhere like all other people. ”


About UL Foundation

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