Kristaps Morbergs (1844–1928) is the most prominent patron of the University of Latvia (UL), who has donated a total of eight real estate properties to the University of Latvia. Generosity of K. Morbergs has enabled establishment of K. Morbergs scholarships in accordance with his bequest.

Kristaps Morbergs Scholarship has been established with the aim of promoting the development of the UL by financially supporting outstanding and socially active students to enable full dedication to their studies.

Scholarships are awarded annually on the basis of the UL Foundation Kristaps Morbergs Scholarship Regulations and the statement of the rector of the UL.

The scholarship is intended for students of all the University of Latvia bachelor’s study programmes, starting from their second year of studies.

Number of scholarships: 15.

Scholarship amount: EUR 2 200 per academic year.

Scholarship Commission: Chairman of the Board of the UL Foundation, Prof. emer. Ivars Lācis (Chairman of the Scholarship commission), Executive Director of the UL Foundation Laila Kundziņa, Lecturer at the UL Faculty of Law Dr. iur. Edvīns Danovskis, Lecturer at the UL Faculty of Biology Dr. biol. Guntis Tabors, Director of the UL Department of Infrastructure Marģers Počs and the representative of the UL Student Council Emils Sjundjukovs.

Scholarship recipients

In the 2020/2021 academic year - Jēkabs Akermanis, Anna Grabovska, Mišela Sivaka, Oļesja Rogoza, Ksenija Bahire, Patrīcija Anna Vavilova, Maija Ustinova, Andis Draguns, Tomass Stepiņš, Rota Lāce, Patrīcija Paulīne Kotoviča, Elizabete Laiviņa, Ņikita Kovaļovs

In the 2019/2020 academic year – Svjatoslavs Kistkins, Artūrs Mazarēvičs, Daniils Vladimirovs, Matīss Apinis, Ksenija Korotkaja, Rihards Ruska, Andis Draguns, Beāte Krūze, Elizabete Laiviņa, Rota Lāce, Alise Švandere, Jēkabs Jānis Akermanis, Baiba Plakane, Raivo Vilcāns.

Within a single academic year, the applicant may receive only one scholarship financed by the patrons of the University of Latvia Foundation.