"Mikrotīkls" has been a long-standing patron of the University of Latvia (UL), supporting young researchers and scientists to reach even higher and unrealized heights. This month, “Mikrotīkls” has donated an additional €500 000 to support various life science and medicine projects and researchers at the University. The donation is administered by the UL Foundation. 

Several successful projects have already been implemented with the support of the “Mikrotīkls”, for example, a new apparatus for faster diagnosis of sepsis has been developed that can save lives. With the support of the patron, UL has also purchased several types of equipment that help researchers in their daily work, has awarded annual scholarships to dedicated students to develop new applications and experiments to help people with diabetes, and has supported many other excellent research projects. 

Jana Namniece, who is leading the project "New in vitro technology based on hepatocyte cell lines for assessing the hepatocellular protective capacity of different substances", says: "The support of the “Mikrotīkls” for this research has given me personally a new inspiration and determination to do more, to incorporate in my daily routine constant ideas on how to move forward and get more results within the framework of the research. I am very happy and grateful for the trust from “Mikrotīkls, Ltd.” and proud to be working with great colleagues - Professor Ruta Muceniece and researcher Kaspars Jēkabsons - on this project. I am confident that thanks to this support we will be able to achieve our goals!" 

"This donation allows us to carry out intensive work, and we believe that the realization of our topic (New type of antidote against radioactive contamination) could be a contribution of the scientists of the University of Latvia to the protection of Latvia and now possibly also Ukraine against the negative effects of a nuclear explosion. Like other recipients of research grants administered by the UL Foundation, we work without reimbursement. However, without the support of the management of the UL and the financial contribution of "Mikrotīkls, Ltd.", necessary for the purchase of the reagents, it would not be possible to carry out such research. In the context of European geopolitics, our project has generated, in our opinion, a great deal of interest outside the University, as this research has been reported on websites, on television (two interviews) and in the magazine “Veselība”’’, Kristīne Saleniece shares her gratitude. 

New calls for project proposals will be launched soon. Please pay attention to the UL Foundation website - www.fonds.lv  

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Since 2004, the University of Latvia Foundation has been providing opportunities for patrons and partners to support both UL and other leading Latvian universities, thus investing in Latvia's future. The priorities of the UL Foundation are to support the most outstanding students and researchers, to promote a modern learning environment, and to build and renovate university buildings.