Can the antidiabetic medication metformin stop Alzheimer's disease before its onset?

In the framework of the project, the researchers will investigate whether and how the antidiabetic drug metformin improves neuronal processes in animals with a type 3 or sporadic Alzheimer's disease model.

It is possible that the onset of Alzheimer's disease could be stopped by metformin, one of the oldest and least toxic antidiabetic drugs. It has recently been found that it easily crosses the blood-brain barrier and spreads to areas of the brain.

To test the effects of metformin, scientists will model Alzheimer's disease in brains of experimental animals. Researchers hope that metformin will have a beneficial effect on the behaviour and cognitive abilities of rats, regulate glucose transport protein levels and insulin sensitivity, as well as prevent inflammation and oxidative stress.

Total costs: EUR 21 000.

Project manager: Dr. med. Vladimirs Piļipenko, UL Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pharmacology.

Patron: SIA “Mikrotīkls”.

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