Development and implementation of innovative methods in clinical practice for the diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumours using molecularly targeted radionuclides produced in Latvia

The study will enable researchers to help the Latvian state to secure one of its basic functions and responsibilities – ensuring the health of the population and increasing survival by introducing innovative cancer treatment methods into clinical practice. The project implementation is expected to contribute to developing the field of radiation sciences and the field of oncology in Latvia.

Total costs: EUR 160 000 (at the 1st round of the project competition, EUR 80 000 have been awarded, and at the 2nd round, the project also received EUR 80 000). Additional co-funding – EUR 171 500.

Project manager: Dr.chem. Gunta Ķizāne, UL Institute of Chemical Physics.

Patrons: SIA “Mikrotīkls” and Andrejs Laškovs.