Perception of diversity of modalities and valence

In the course of the project, the principles of sensory connection will be developed in the fields of fundamental and applied research, such as design, medicine, food technology, and virtual reality modelling.

Although there are studies on the relationship of modalities with different factors influencing perception of space, etc., however, it is not clear how the various senses and valences relate in detail. By understanding the factors influencing perceptual modalities and the emotional reactions and preferences that shape them, it is possible to significantly improve both the interface systems and the principles of environmental layout. Round corners are more pleasant and people prefer them over broken / angular corners.

However, previous studies do not unequivocally demonstrate how specific perceptual characteristics affect valence measurements (types of emotions and their intensity). Similarly, earlier research does not provide an answer to how visual perception complements and integrates other modalities of perception (touch, taste, smell, sound) and forms a unified perceptual result.

Researchers also want to perform tests on clinical populations and thus contribute to the study of perception in people with neural or other clinical disorders. The results of the research will be important for fundamental and applied research in fields such as design, medicine, food technology, virtual reality modelling.

Total costs: USD 25 000 (EUR 22 685).

Project managers: researcher Līga Zariņa, Professor Jurģis Šķilters, UL Faculty of Computing, Laboratory for Perceptual and Cognitive Systems.

Patron: Andrejs Eglīte in collaboration with "Friends of the University of Latvia".