Support to A. Liepa's Correspondence Mathematics School

Support for in-depth acquisition of mathematics in Latvia

For more than 45 years, A. Liepa’s Correspondence Mathematics School (CMS) of the University of Latvia has been coordinating extensive in-depth study work on a national scale, starting with the youngest classes. Every year, more than 10 000 pupils from all over Latvia participate in competitions and Olympiads organized by CMS.

Since fundamental knowledge of mathematics is the basis for successful acquisition of natural sciences and computer science, the activities of CMS are important for the development of the abilities of talented young people in all fields of exact sciences.

Many pupils who participate in extramural competitions organized by CMS in the youngest classes later successfully represent Latvia in international competitions not only in mathematics, but also in physics, informatics, chemistry and biology, as well as become outstanding scientists.

CMS prepares and publishes teaching aids for in-depth acquisition of mathematics, which are presented at the end of the school year to the winners of the Olympiads and competitions together with medals and diplomas.