Thinkers’ Laboratory / Prātnieku laboratorija

The project will ensure creation of a unique interdisciplinary educational programme for primary school students (grades 4–6) at the University of Latvia. Pupils will have the opportunity to acquire a complex, successive curriculum, using the technical, technological and material provisions available at the University premises and corresponding to the age group, which, in turn, will promote the growth of pupils’ knowledge and skills in exact subjects and attract the pupils to study at the University of Latvia. An innovative practice system and provision of a teacher study programme for science and mathematics teachers will be created. On the other hand, the teachers and the UL students will be given the opportunity to study under the guidance of the UL Interdisciplinary Centre for Educational Innovation experts. Thus, in the newly created learning environment teachers and students will learn to use the new learning tools effectively, so that the acquired knowledge, skills and ability to reflect on their work can be used in education.

Total costs: EUR 56 805.

Project manager: Ilze France, UL Interdisciplinary Centre for Educational Innovation.

Patron: SIA “Mikrotīkls”.