Restoration of the celestial globe of the UL Museum

To mark the centenary of the former Astronomical Observatory in 2022, the University of Latvia Museum plans to create a modern exposition dedicated to the development of astronomical research at the University of Latvia.

One of the central exhibits will be the large celestial globe, acquired for the teaching purposes in the 1930s. After World War II, the globe was used by a Latvian astronomer, researcher of asteroids and comets, head of the University of Latvia Laboratory of Astronomy, Professor Kārlis Šteins (1911–1983), in teaching the students. With the development of electronic visual aids, the globe has become a unique historical object and, perhaps, the only celestial globe of such size in Latvian museums. Its diameter is 80 cm.

Over the years, the condition of the globe has significantly deteriorated, the prominent historic object has lost its colouring with elements of star and constellation figures, structural elements have suffered damage, and considerable restoration is needed before it is shown at the jubilee exhibition.

Total costs: EUR 3 000.

Project manager: Iveta Gudakovska, UL Museum.