"Biosan" Research Scholarship in Epidemiology

“Biosan” Research Scholarship in Epidemiology

The scholarship was created in 2020 at the initiative of the patron “Biosan”, thus promoting the development of research at the University of Latvia (UL), as well as supporting advancement of medical students, as they commence studies in the new study programme “Epidemiology and Medical Statistics”.

Scholarships are intended for the 1st year students of the master's study programme “Epidemiology and Medical Statistics” at the University of Latvia Faculty of Medicine (FM).

Number of available scholarships: 1.

Scholarship amount: EUR 3 000 per academic year.

Scholarship committee: UL FM Dean Prof. Valdis Folkmanis (chairman of the committee), Director of UL FM study programme “Epidemiology and Medical Statistics” Liliāna Civjāne, representative of the patron “Biosan” Andrejs Gaivoronskis, and Executive Director of the LU Foundation Laila Kundziņa.

The applicant may not be a University of Latvia employee. In one academic year, the applicant may receive only one scholarship financed by the UL patron.

Scholarship recipients

In 2020/2021 academic year - Inese Mauriņa