One of the leading suppliers of laboratory equipment and scientific equipment in Latvia, providing its clients throughout the Baltics with a full spectrum of services ranging from consulting and installation of equipment to personnel training and after-sales service. Since establishment of the company in 1994, it has been cooperating with several leading equipment manufacturers in the world.

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In the 2004/2005 academic year, SIA Armgate awarded scholarships to students of the UL Faculty of Biology – Inta Deimantoviča and Martina Baltkalne.

In 2011, Armgate supported the international conference "Ķīmijas izglītība 2011" dedicated to education in chemistry (at the amount of EUR 2 850).

In 2012, the company contributed EUR 570 to the UL Faculty of Chemistry Christmas event Ziemassvētku brīnumu gaidot! and EUR 1 450 to the conference "EcoBalt 2012".

In 2013, Armgate provided EUR 2 150 for the conference "EcoBalt 2013" that was organised in Vilnius, EUR 430 for the 29th conference of the UL Institute of Solid State Physics, as well as EUR 285 to the creative exact science event – camp of the UL Natural Sciences Centre.  

In 2014, Armgate donated EUR 615.40 to the UL Days of Chemists.

In 2015, Armgate granted EUR 400 to UL Days of Chemists, supported the UL Faculty of Chemistry first-year-student introductory seminar "Lode 2015" with EUR 100. The company’s contribution of EUR 500 enabled implementation of the UL Science and Technology History Museum’s project of 3 years (2015–2018) – Latvian translation of J. B. Fischer’s work Versuch einer Naturgeschichte von Livland. In the same year, the company supported publication of doctoral theses developed by UL Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences students Oskars Purmalis and Juris Burlakovs, allocating EUR 1 000 for this purpose.

In 2016, the company supported UL Faculty of Chemistry and Student Council with EUR 5 950.

In 2017, Armgate awarded the Young Pharmacology Scientist scholarship in the amount of EUR 510, supported UL Days of Chemists 2017 with EUR 2 550, as well as the event of chemistry first-year-students with EUR 300, contributed EUR 500 to the forum Kubs'10 and EUR 500 to the forum dedicated to studies in the future Nākotnes studiju forums 2017.

In 2018, the company continues the support with donation of EUR 675 to the project UL Days of Chemists 2018.

In 2019, Armgate donated EUR 435.20 to the UL.

We greatly appreciate the generous support to education and development!