Patron “Evolution Latvia” (2006) is one of the world's leading IT service providers in the field of online casinos.

Uģis Bisenieks, Director of the Sports Centre of the Basketball Club “University of Latvia” expresses his appreciation of this patronage: “We are proud that “Evolution Gaming” reclaims its place among our main supporters with renewed vigour. In my opinion, when a sports organization and a company, beyond being linked by a formal partnership, share a number of common interests, a unique opportunity emerges. Both organizations are highly motivated for growth, and in the case of “Evolution Gaming”, young professionals in IT and other related industries play a key role in company’s development. The University of Latvia is a source of such professionals, and I hope that this cooperation in the field of sports will also promote the company's success.”

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In 2020, EUR 9 000 are donated for further development of the University of Latvia basketball system.

In 2016, the company supported the development of the University of Latvia basketball system by donating EUR 15 000 for this purpose.

We greatly appreciate the generous support to education and development!