Richard Herman Driehaus (1942) was born in Chicago, USA. He is an American businessman, fund manager and philanthropist.

R. Driehaus founded his world-renowned investment corporation Driehaus Capital Management LLC in 1982 and continues to run it to this day.

His bachelor’s (1965), master’s (1970) and doctoral (2002) degrees in business have been received at DePaul University, Chicago, USA. R. Driehaus has created the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation, which has donated USD 92 million for various purposes since 1984, and plans to continue philanthropy with a goal to donate at least USD 4 million a year. Driehaus has established various awards, including one of the most prestigious awards, the Architecture Prize, which provides USD 200 000 in support of classicist architects. Driehaus awards are also given to museums, universities and fashion.

Inese Romanovska-Driehaus is a graduate of the University of Latvia.


In 2013, the Driehaus family supported the project "Solutions corresponding to requirements of 21st century education to meet the needs of future science (physics, chemistry, biology) and mathematics teachers and talented pupils at the UL. Round I", implemented by the UL Faculty of Physics and Mathematics Education Centre for Natural Sciences and Mathematics. The amount of the donaiton – USD 6 473 (EUR 5 691).

In 2014, in response to the challenge of UL patron and honorary member John Medveckis, the donation of USD 100 000 (EUR 80 756) was granted to the UL Business Idea Foundation. The Business Idea Foundation is the first grant fund for students in the Baltics.

We greatly appreciate the generous support to education and development!