Kārlis Ozoliņš – Emīls Mednis Charitable Trust (2000) was founded in the United States on the initiative of doctor Hermīne Mednis (1905–2003) – a patroness of Latvian origin, thus honouring her brother and husband.

At the end of his life, H. Mednis (née Ozoliņš) created a trust fund for donations and charitable purposes, especially focusing on Latvia. She chose her cousin Māra Dāvis, who lives in Detroit, Michigan, as the administrator of this charitable trust.

Hermīne (born on 8 August 1905) and Kārlis (12 July 1900 – 26 July 1986) Ozoliņš were born in Liezēre, Latvia. Emīls Mednis (4 December 1898 – 4 August 1978) was born in Jaunpiebalga parish. Both families fled to the United States. Hermīne and Emīls Mednis got married in 1956.

Hermīne Mednis passed away on 29 December 2003.

The name of Ozoliņš and Medņis and the bequest of these families to this very day contribute to strengthening of Latvia.


In 2019, in cooperation with the "Friends of the University of Latvia", the trust donated USD 55 000 for creating a new set of scholarships for the students of the University of Latvia Faculty of Theology.

Scholarship recipients

The first scholarships are disbursed in the 2020/2021 academic year.

We greatly appreciate the generous support to education and development!