This Foundation is committed to playing a global leadership role in anthropology, helps anthropologists advance anthropological knowledge, build sustainable careers, and amplifies the impact of anthropology within the wider world.

The main goals of the Foundation:

  1. to advance knowledge across anthropology's many subfields and specializations;
  2. to amplify the discipline's impact by giving anthropologists the skills and platforms they need to reach broader audiences and to affirm the value of anthropology in a rapidly changing world;
  3. to nurture and safeguard anthropology as a career and a discipline by helping anthropologists demonstrate the value of their discipline and develop new ways to put their skills and insights to work;
  4. to foster inclusive conversations by supporting anthropologists with different backgrounds, perspectives, methods and commitments.

More about the Foundation


Supports Latvian and Baltic higher education since 2015. The first donation of USD 125 000 was awarded for establishment and development of a doctoral programme in anthropology at the University of Latvia, Riga Stradiņš University, Tallinn University (Estonia) and Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania).

In 2018, the Foundation continued its support, awarding EUR 1 266 (USD 2 000) toward establishment of a doctoral programme in anthropology at the University of Latvia Faculty of Humanities.

We greatly appreciate the generous support to education and development!