Australian Latvians Arnis Siksna (1938), Osvalds Freibergs (1918) and several Latvian organizations in Brisbane jointly donated funds for the University of Latvia scholarship "Ceļamaize" ("Bread for the journey") for one semester in 2006. Arnis Siksna had obtained his first university degree thanks to an Australian government scholarship, therefore he is very aware of the importance of such scholarships, especially in Latvia’s current situation.

Arnis Siksna said: "Sponsorship is the best contribution that we can make to the new generations." Arnis Siksna’s address to the scholarship holders: "I wish all the holders of "Ceļamaize" ("Bread for the journey") scholarship success in their studies and in subsequent attempts to win higher academic degrees, always keeping in mind that the education you have received is the only asset that cannot be taken away from you, no matter what changes you may face in your life!"


In 2006, Arnis Siksna commenced his cooperation with the UL Foundation. On his 70th jubilee in 2008, instead of gifts, A. Siksna asked his congratulators to donate funds for the scholarship "Ceļamaize" ("Bread for the journey"). The guests responded to the request with great enthusiasm.

Several months later, another Latvian from Brisbane, Osvalds Freibergs, on his 90th jubilee also invited his guests to donate funds for the scholarship. Thus, in 2008, the total sum of EUR 1 450 was donated for the scholarship "Ceļamaize".

We greatly appreciate the generous support to education and development!