The digital marketing agency “Market Me Good” (2017) emerged as a new company thanks to the UL Business Incubator. The founder and owner of the company is Helvijs Šmoteks, participant of Season 7 of UL Business Incubator.

“During my time at the UL Student Business Incubator, I frequently met students who followed their dreams and tried to implement their crazy ideas. Excellent! Such people must be encouraged in Latvia,” said Helvijs Šmoteks.

“I understand those people who try to focus on their studies at the University while their mind is generating business ideas. I was in a similar situation. I studied outside Latvia and the university I had chosen did not pay a lot of attention to supporting young entrepreneurs. I think that the activities of UL Student Business Idea Foundation deserve praise.”

More about the company:


In 2018, the company donated EUR 270 for the development of the UL Business Incubator.

In 2019, the company continued to support the UL Business Incubator by donating EUR 210.

We greatly appreciate the generous support to education and development!