The University of Latvia (UL) has received a generous donation from the UL graduate and lecturer Vitālijs Šalda with the help of the UL Foundation. Vitālijs donated a plot of land in Jēkabpils to his University. 

Vitālijs tells about his life and what motivated him to make such a donation. 

What is your relationship with the University of Latvia? 

From 1965 I studied and in 1970 I graduated from the Faculty of History and Philology of LSU (former name - Latvia State University). After that, three years passed in LSU postgraduate studies, much more - working at LSU both as a full-time and part-time lecturer. While working at the University, I defended both dissertations. For a couple of years I also headed the Department of Socio-Political History. 

Why did you want to donate to the University of Latvia? 

I have the best memories related to UL. I gained not only knowledge, work skills and abilities, but also a very positive attitude. From the third year I received a personal scholarship, I repeatedly used the health maintenance and recreation opportunities provided by the University, as well as other personality development offers at the University (sports section, student builder's unit, etc.). The people at the University were different and the times were different, but I have kept my gratitude for my Alma mater. I am glad that I can also express it materially. 

What are your New Year wishes to the University of Latvia and the University of Latvia Foundation? 

Once upon a time, the Rector of the University of Latvia J.Zaķis expressed confidence that no matter what happened, the University would remain. I believe that the rector was right. Therefore - for the University of Solar Life! To the UL Foundation - more and more generosity from donors and more opportunities to help Latvian youth get a good education! 

This donation was accepted by Marģers Počs, Director of the Infrastructure Department of the University of Latvia. 

“This donation confirms that the University of Latvia has a special place in people's hearts, the contribution of the University of Latvia to Latvia is appreciated and it is an important symbol for the people of Latvia. Such a gift is valuable because the University of Latvia is creating a new Academic Center in Torņakalns and the funds received from the land management will support the University of Latvia's successful move towards excellence in studies and research, ” says Marģers Počs. 


About the University of Latvia 

The University of Latvia has consistently been the national, leading and most influential higher education institution in Latvia. It is the largest high-profile university in Latvia, which has an important place not only in the development of the entire education system, but also in the overall growth of the country's economy. Currently, the UL Academic Center is being developed in Torņakalns, which will become one of the most modern student and research centers in Northern Europe. Currently there is a House of Nature and a House of Sciences, the next door will be the House of Letters. 

About the UL Foundation 

Since 2004, the University of Latvia Foundation has provided an opportunity for patrons and cooperation partners to support both the University of Latvia and other leading Latvian higher education institutions, thus investing in the future of Latvia. The priorities of the UL Foundation are to support the best students and researchers, to promote the creation of a modern study environment, as well as the construction and reconstruction of university buildings.