Development of resistance as a result of tumour therapy

The project will enable tracking and characterizing the processes of tumour-resistant microcell formation over time.

For the first time, living cell confocal microscopy and GFP will demonstrate the process of microcell formation and ensure in-depth characterization of microcells (in which phase of the macrocell cycle they originate, which markers are expressed by microcells and when their endocytosis capacity is the highest). The process of microcell formation and microcell characterization has not yet been performed. Therefore, it would be important to identify and study the population of resistant cancer cells under treatment. It would be important to track the cell development process for several cell lines after the applied stress, to isolate and multiply therapy-resistant cells, as previous studies have shown microcellular endocytotic activity, which indicates the cell's ability to overcome the applied therapy. As a result of this study, confocal microscopy by flow cytometry would show the resistant cancer cells, against which markers should be sought to identify them in the body system (mouse, human – tumour, blood).

Total costs: EUR 47 000.

Project manager: MSc.biol. Zane Simsone, UL Institute of Cardiology and Regenerative Medicine.

Patron: SIA “Mikrotīkls”.

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