The scholarship was established in 2019 to honour the father of the patron Filips Kļaviņš – an American Latvian, world-famous oncology research specialist Prof. Dr. med. Jānis Viliberts Kļaviņš (1921–2018), who studied at the University of Latvia in the 1930s, but developed his scientific career in the United States. The scholarship reflects the life course of Jānis V. Kļaviņš, namely, its aim is to support a talented University of Latvia student engaged in oncology research. 

Scholarship is intended for the University of Latvia Faculty of Biology master's degree students who are engaged in molecular biology research specifically in the field of oncology.

Number of scholarships: 1.

Scholarship amount: EUR 6 000 per academic year.

Scholarship Commission: Patron Filips Kļaviņš (Chairman of the Scholarship commission), Associate Professor of the Department of Microbiology and Biotechnology of the UL Faculty of Biology Nils Rostoks, and Executive Director of the UL Foundation Laila Kundziņa.

Within a single academic year, the applicant may receive only one scholarship financed by the patrons of the University of Latvia Foundation.

Scholarship recipients

In the 2019/2020 academic year – Anastasija Rudņickiha.