Patron Sigurds Lindiņš (1918–2000) was born on 24 January 1918 in St. Petersburg, Russia. The Lindiņš family returned to Latvia soon after the birth of their son. His father was a politician – a long-time member of the Saeima and for some time also the Minister of Agriculture; he participated in the proclamation of the Republic of Latvia and appears in the picture taken on 18 November 1918 on the stage of the Latvian National Theatre. His mother was a teacher at the Riga English Institute. Sigurds Lindiņš also had two younger siblings – sister and brother.

Sigurds Liniņš started his studies at Riga State Primary School, continued at Riga City Gymnasium No. 1, graduated in 1937 and began his studies at the University of Latvia, Faculty of Economics and Law.

In 1939 he was called up to the compulsory Latvian military service disrupting his studies. Subsequently, he was forced to serve in both the Red Army and the Latvian Legion, and his family was not spared by the events of the World War II. After the war, it was not possible to continue studies, both due to financial reasons and because in the exile – in Britain – he discovered a completely different system of rights. The dream of becoming a lawyer remained unfulfilled.

Lindiņš spent his final years in Australia, where he passed away in 2000, and is now resting in the Lestene Brethren Cemetery.


In his will, Sigurds Lindiņš has bequeathed funds to the "Dean of the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia, to be used for the benefit and good of the faculty".

"I suppose he remembered the beautiful days of his youth in free Latvia, in a state of sincerity and an unbroken family – still looking forward to achieving his chosen goal, becoming a lawyer and working in his own country. Then came the heavy blows of destiny and everything that was intended collapsed. He left his studies unfinished, which may have plagued him, though he never mentioned it. That hurt may have motivated him to donate something to the dreams of his youth," says Laima Eleonora Lindiņa, the widow of Sigurds Lindiņš, who has supplemented her husband’s bequest to the UL faculty from her own means.

The Faculty of Law has found a way to safeguard the memory of its former students. With the assistance of Sigurds Lindiņš testamentary bequest, the idea to set up a meeting room and create a Gallery of Deans of the faculty in that room was realized in 2012. Just like the pictures of former rectors adorn the walls of the University of Latvia Senate Hall, the newly opened meeting room of the faculty represents the history of the Faculty of Law and its deans, while a memorial plaque stands in memory of the faculty’s former student and benefactor.

The further plans for use of patron's funds include creating bronze statues of the Goddess of Justice Themis to reward students – winners of moot court competitions.

In 2012, the UL Faculty of Law received AUD 7 000 AUD, and in 2013 – AUD 3 000.

We greatly appreciate the generous support to education and development!