The scholarships granted from the memorial Armīns Rūsis Scholarship Fund honour Dr. iur. Armīns Rūsis, a distinguished attorney and faculty member both in the pre-war Republic of Latvia and abroad, and his son Armīns I. Rūsis. The scholarship was established to support capable and hard-working students of Latvia during their studies, and to promote the academic unity of student corporations both at the time of studies and outside the studies. The scholarship was created by Roberts Rūsis in commemoration of his father and brother.

In 2008, Roberts Rūsis was appointed an Officer of the Three Star Order for his significant contribution to the stability of the Latvian commercial banking system.

Roberts Rūsis says of his experience of working with the UL Foundation: "I have considered and thought about ways to best manage the administration of scholarships. I accepted the offer of the UL Foundation to organize scholarship awarding with its assistance. The advantages of this solution: the UL Foundation staff prepares scholarship regulations, ensures publicity, evaluation of candidates and finds favourable tax solution in Latvia. I believe that now is the time to support education at the university level to enable Latvia to successfully compete with the rest of the European Union countries. That is why I urge everyone within his or her capacity to support the UL Foundation."


Scholarships of the Armīns Rūsis Scholarship Fund for the first time were awarded to members of Latvian student corporations in the 2006/2007 academic year. Eight students received them: Artūrs Kaņepājs, Inese Leišavniece, Jānis Vanags, Jānis Zvērs, Kārlis Dambītis, Krišjānis Balodis, Linda Strazdiņa, Sandra Lielbārde.

In the 2007/2008 academic year, the scholarships were awarded to 15 students: Artūrs Kaņepājs, Benita Arzanova, Dace Suveizda, Dmitrijs Kačanovs, Eduards Grigorjevs, Ivo Brūvers, Jānis Vanags, Juris Rumba, Krišjānis Balodis, Laima Matuzāle, Laine Zemļicka, Linda Strazdiņa, Sandra Lielbārde, Sarmīte Frišava, Sendi Audriņa.

In the 2008/2009 academic year, the scholarships were awarded to 10 students: Andrejs Sergejevičs, Andris Rimša, Dace Suveizda, Digne Ūdre, Ērika Verze, Ieva Bloka, Ieva Rusule, Inga Strižņova, Laima Matuzāle, Sendi Audriņa.

In the 2009/2010 academic year,  the scholarships were awarded to 12 students: Aiga Pabērza, Andrejs Jeršovs, Digne Ūdre, Dina Sarceviča, Dita Lapiņa, Gatis Ošs, Inese Pelnēna, Laima Matuzāle, Linda Vecgaile, Līga Roze, Māris Saba, Pēteris Ligers.

In the 2010/2011 academic year, the scholarships were awarded to 12 students: Agita Apsīte, Gatis Ošs, Ieva Balode, Jānis Purmalis, Ketija Broka, Kristīna Putinceva, Laima Matuzāle, Liena Grauda, Liene Martinsone, Līga Gūtmane, Māris Liscovs, Reinis Dundurs.

In the 2011/2012 academic year, the scholarships were awarded to 12 students (each received EUR 2 150): Iveta Biukšāne, Ketija Broka, Guna Dancīte, Reinis Dundurs, Elīna Jumtiņa, Rūta Kuzmane, Aiga Pabērza, Evelīna Petkeviča, Jānis Purmalis, Baiba Rudzroga, Artūrs Rundzāns, Liena Tīdena.

Since 2006, the scholarships have been awarded to 69 students from different higher education institutions of Latvia, altogether disbursing EUR 88 464.

We greatly appreciate the generous support to education and development!