Patron Ināra Blumberga (née Skomba) was born on 5 December 1942 in Latvia. Her parents were graduates of the University of Latvia – her father Haralds Skomba graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, while her mother Velta Grantskalna-Skomba graduated from the Faculty of Medicine. The family fled to Germany in 1944, where Ināra started school. The Skomba family arrived in Chicago, USA, in 1950. There, Ināra graduated from high school and earned a bachelor's degree in economics from North Park University. Ināra is an active member of the student corporation "Daugaviete".

Patron Gunārs Blumbergs (1937-2020) was born on 21 May 1937. His parents were University of Latvia graduates – Jānis Blumbergs received his degree from the Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Pharmacy, and his mother Erika Daugulis-Blumberga studied German philology. Gunārs' father owned a pharmacy "Viestura Aptieka" in Riga, Kaļķu iela 26. In 1944, the Blumbergs family emigrated to Germany, where Gunārs began his studies. Initially, the conditions in the refugee camp were difficult, there was little food, but later the situation somewhat improved. In 1950, the Blumbergs family moved to New York State, USA.

Gunārs Blumbergs holds a bachelor's degree in chemistry from Harvard University and a doctorate in law from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. He is an active member of the student corporation "Lettgallia". For many years he practiced as a copyright attorney at Standart Oil, Chicago, and later at several law firms. He currently works at the law office of his son, Ēriks Blumbergs, Johnson, Blumberg & Associates in Chicago.

Ināra and Gunārs have four sons: Pēteris, Ēriks, Roberts and Davids. Pēteris, Ēriks and Roberts are sworn advocates, while David is engaged in public relations. Ināra and Gunārs have eight grandchildren: Alex, Grant, Emīlija, Eduards, Filips, Kristofers, Nora and Lidija.

Career has taken Gunārs all over the world. During the holidays, Ināra and Gunārs have travelled across Europe, America and Mexico. Ināra and Gunārs have also visited Latvia several times since 1993, and have appreciated the country's progress.

Ināra and Gunārs Blumbergs: "We are happy to support the University of Latvia that our ancestors held in high esteem. May God bless Latvia and the University of Latvia!"

Photo review of the visit to the University of Latvia in 2014


In 2013, Gunārs and Ināra Blumbergs, the parents of the UL patron Roberts Blumbergs, established a scholarship for those students of the University of Latvia Faculty of Law, whose research interests include intellectual property rights (copyright, related rights, industrial property rights). The amount of each scholarship is USD 1 500 (a total of EUR 2 265.35 (USD 3 000) was donated for the scholarship by the patrons). The scholarships were awarded to Krišjānis Bušs and Indra Zusāne.

In the 2014/2015 academic year, Gunārs and Ināra Blumbergs’ scholarship was awarded to Linda Reneslāce, a master's student at the University of Latvia Faculty of Law, in the amount of EUR 2 200.

In 2016, Gunārs and Ināra Blumbergs supported Andrejs Pildegovičs’ Scholarship established by Roberts Blumbers for the students of the UL Faculty of Social Sciences master's study programme "Diplomacy", donating EUR 942.51 (USD 1 000) for this purpose.

We greatly appreciate the generous support to education and development!