The patron Tania S. Sweet (née Sidorova) (19252007) was born in Riga. Since 1950, her life had been very colourful indeed. In 1954, she finished a secondary school in Caracas, Venezuela, with outstanding results. From 1956 to 1958, she studied pediatrics at the Medical School of Heidelberg, in 1959, she studied accountancy and business machines at Brown’s Commercial School, New York. Ms Sweet applied this knowledge while working as an accountant at the company Plumer Ltd

Prof. Arvīds Ziedonis, pastor of Bucks County Latvian Evangelical Lutheran congregation and executor of Ms Sweet’s will, said: “In her eventful life, Tania was very independent, always optimistic, intelligent, charming, devout, sympathetic and generous. She always wished to see something interesting, experience something new, beautiful, to learn something useful. Tania was religious and she wanted to leave all her earthly possessions to charitable institutions: the church, hospitals, children from low-income families, students, pensioners and people with special needs.”


In 2007, Tania Sweet left USD 5 000 in her will to the UL Faculty of Theology.

We greatly appreciate the generous support to education and development!